TVR2000 series Phase Failure Relay

November 30, 2017
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  1. Applicable range

TVR2000 series phase failure relay is mainly used as a protector against the voltage unbalance, phase loss ,phase reversal,over voltage and under voltage of the motor with three phase,AC 50/60Hz,rated voltage 80 to 690V. The protector must be connected according to the offered drawing, generally it measures the value of the power supply.
When the power supply is normal,the NO contact of the relay closes,the NC one opens,the green LED lights,when the power supply is suffering one or more abnormities,the NO contact opens,the NC one closes,and green LED turns off,the relative indicator LED lights.

    2.Protect Function

1. Voltage unbalance (phase loss) protection:voltage unbalance is to say that negative sequence component is too high,generally speaking,1% voltage unbalance will bring 3%~11% current unbalance. Because the negative sequence component is fully changed into heat by not doing work, serious voltage unbalance will lead the motor to burn out,here,over load protection relay of the common devices can’t protect them in time. When the rate of voltage unbalance is higher than 9±1.5%, the protection relay acts(less
than 1 sec. delay), while the rate is lower than 7±1.5%, it returns to the normal status.

Whether devices under protection is running or not, when one phase happens to loss, it is the extreme situation of three phase voltage unbalance, the rate of three-phase voltage unbalance is 100% when static phase loss, the rate is more than 5~20% when dynamic phase loss. Reverse electromotive force raised by motor running make the phase voltage not 0, it only can judge by measuring the rate of three-phase voltage unbalance to give protection. Once phase loss happen, the protector take action,normal
green LED turn off,phase loss red LED lights,then relay discharges and doesn’t measure the failure of the phase loss and under voltage, the red LED(reversal) and the yellow LED(over/under voltage) may light at the same time.

2. Phase reversal protection:when the L1, L2, and L3 are connected correctly,the green LED lights, the relay closes; However, if the sequence is wrong, the green LED turns off, the red LED(Reversal) lights, only need to change any two of L1, L2, L3 phases, the protection relay will cognize this phase sequence and work normally which ows anti-wrong connection protection.

3. Over/under voltage protection: The efficiency of the motor is the highest when it is working under rated voltage. When the supply voltage is too high, the free-load excitation current will increase, which will lead the descend of the efficiency and up the motor’s temperature; when the supply voltage is too low, the motor’s output power will descend, which will lead over load, and even stop the motor. The range of over/under voltage protection can’t be too low, or it will act frequently because of the voltage fluctuating of electronic net. Yellow LED lights when 3-phase voltage is over voltage or under voltage, but relay will drop out when after 8 seconds continuous over/under
voltage, at the same time Green LED turns off.

3. Technologic data

1. The protection functions of the relay can’t be affected by current intensity of circuit or what is load; the relay could work for a long time under full capability and all kinds of climate. Power consumption is lower than 1.0W.
2. This product measures up GB/T14048.1-2000, GB14048.5-2001 equivalent IEC60947-1:1999.
3. The EMC of the product measures up the limits of methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of GB4343-1995.
4. The voltage of resistance to wave is 5000VAC, isolation is 4000VAC.
5. Main circuit: rated voltage (under 3Φ690VAC, 50/60Hz)
6. Auxiliary circuit:
Rated work voltage: 250VAC or 30VDC

Rated work current: 250VAC 2A,30VDC 1.5A 380VAC 3.5A(16A),110VDC 3A
Rated heat current: 5A

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