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M2QA series

standard three-phase asynchronous motor is the basic series in ABB's 2000 series products, which meets the European Community II efficiency standard, high efficiency and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection. This series of motors introduces a full range of European production processes, low noise, long life, suitable for a variety of harsh environments, and is widely used in all walks of life.
ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 [tooltip hint=TMU-230]M2QA160M2B 400-380V 50-42.5HZ 15KW F IP54 B35 R[/tooltip]    
2 [tooltip hint=CLN-230X2]M2QA280S4  400-358V 42.5-50HZ 75KW F IP54 B3 R [/tooltip]
3 [tooltip hint=CZ-120B]M2QA200L6A AC400-358V 50-42.5Hz 3φ 18.5KW F IP56 AXIAL R[/tooltip]
4 [tooltip hint=CZ-140B ]M2QA250M6A 380V 50HZ 37KW F IP56 AXIAL R [/tooltip]
5 [tooltip hint=CZ-40B]M2QA90L2A  440V 60Hz 2.53KW F IP56 B14 R[/tooltip]
6 [tooltip hint=CZ-35B]M2QA80M2B  440V 60Hz 1.27KW F IP56 B14[/tooltip]
7 [tooltip hint=CZF-35A]M2QA80M4A 440V 60HZ 0.63KW F IP56 B14[/tooltip]
8 [tooltip hint=CZ-125K]M2QA250M6A 440V 60HZ 42.55KW F IP56 B3 R[/tooltip]
9 [tooltip hint=CZ-30A]M2QA80M2A 440V 60HZ 0.86KW F IP56 B14[/tooltip]
10 [tooltip hint=CZ-30A]M2QA80M2A 440V 60HZ 0.86KW F IP56 B14 R[/tooltip]
11 [tooltip hint=CZ-80AK]M2QA160M4A 440V 60HZ 12.65KW F IP56 B3 R[/tooltip]
12 [tooltip hint=CZ-80BK]M2QA132M4A 440V 60HZ 8.63KW F IP56 B3 R[/tooltip]
13 [tooltip hint=CZ-70B]M2QA112M4A 440V 60HZ 4.6KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
14 [tooltip hint=CZ-70A ]M2QA132S4A 440V 60HZ 6.33KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
15 [tooltip hint=CZ-90B]M2QA160M6A 440V 60HZ 8.6KW F IP56 B3R [/tooltip]
16 [tooltip hint=CZT-50A]M2QA132S2A 440V 60HZ 6.33KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
17 [tooltip hint=CZT-160A]M2QA280S8A 440V 60HZ 42.6KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
18 [tooltip hint=CZT-30]M2QA80M2A 440V 60HZ 0.86KW F IP56 AXIAL R [/tooltip]
19 [tooltip hint=CZ-35B]M2QA80M2B  440V 60Hz 1.27KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
20 [tooltip hint=CZ-35B]M2QA80M2B  440V 60Hz 1.27KW F IP56 AXIAL R [/tooltip]
21 [tooltip hint=CZT-55]M2QA80M4A 440V 60HZ 0.63KW F IP56 AXIAL R [/tooltip]
22 [tooltip hint=CZ-110A]M2QA90L4A 440V 60HZ 1.73KW F IP56 B3 R [/tooltip]
23 [tooltip hint=CNF(D)-14]M2QA200L6A AC440V 60Hz 21.3KW F IP56 AXIAL R  ABB[/tooltip]
24 [tooltip hint=CNF(D)-14]M2QA7114 440V 60HZ 0.29KW F IP55 B14[/tooltip]
25 [tooltip hint=CLD-26AE]M2QA100L4B 380V 50HZ N=3KWφ=28 B3 IP44 B[/tooltip]
26 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-99]M2QA112M2A 480V 60HZ 4.6KW F IP55 B3[/tooltip]
27 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-155]M2QA132S2B  480V 60HZ 8.6KW  F  IP55 B3[/tooltip]
28 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-57]M2QA90L2A  480V60HZ 2.53KW  F  IP55 B3[/tooltip]
29 [tooltip hint=CZ-90B]M2QA180M4A  440V 60Hz 21.3KW F IP55 AXIAL[/tooltip]
30 [tooltip hint=CLQ-24]M2QA132S2A 440V 60HZ 6.33KW F IP55 B35[/tooltip]
31 [tooltip hint=CZ-45]M2QA100L2A  440V 60Hz 3.45KW F IP56 B14 R[/tooltip]
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