Dry filter


Dry Filter

has two types: closed and replaceable filter type. The desiccant filter absorbs moisture and acids more efficiently through the filter element, preventing corrosion of the metal surface of the compressor while ensuring that the oil and refrigerant do not decompose.
ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 ATDS-4811  DN32    
2 DML083  023Z5040
3 DML165  023Z5045
4 [tooltip hint=CLZM-5.5]DCR0485S  023U[/tooltip]
5 DCR-0487S
6 DCL164  023Z
7 DML032S
8 FD-48
9 ATDS-485  DN16
10 ATDS-487 DN19
11 ATDS-489
12 DCL165S,DANFOSS welding(R134A)
13 DML053  023Z5038
14 [tooltip hint=CLS-440]ATDS-969 DN25 ALCO[/tooltip]
15 DML084  023Z5041
16 [tooltip hint=CLD-10A]DCL084 023Z5006[/tooltip]
17 FT084S
18 [tooltip hint=CLD-5]DCL053  023Z5003[/tooltip]
19 DML164  023Z5044
20 [tooltip hint=CLN-175]STAS-9611T DN32[/tooltip]
21 [tooltip hint=CLS-320]STAS-14413T[/tooltip]
22 [tooltip hint=CJKR-105*2]ATDS-489 DN25[/tooltip]
23 [tooltip hint=CLS-175]ATDS-967[/tooltip]
24 [tooltip hint=TMU-27]STAS-969T[/tooltip]
25 DCL164S
26 DCR0487S
27 023U4381
28 DML163

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