Helpful Tips when Buying Marine Air Conditioners from a Chinese Supplier

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    Purchasing an air conditioning unit for your ship can be challenging. Your working space is limited with a boat, and you do not have a reliable AC power source. Purchasing a marine HVAC system from a supplier from China can answer your cooling necessities as you travel the seas with your boat. 

    Chinese marine suppliers sell the best quality marine air conditioners worldwide, offering various choices for boat enthusiasts. It would help if you had a marine air conditioner that meets your needs and keeps you cool during your boat trip. When buying marine air conditioners, you should consider specific characteristics. Here are some factors to remember when purchasing marine AC equipments: 


    When looking for marine AC power, make sure to look for portable equipment. You may need to move your device from one location to another, so portability is essential. If you can move the device freely, this is an additional advantage. 

    marine package air conditioner for sale
    marine package air conditioner for sale ARon

    Cooling capacity 10kw
    Heating capacity 4.8kw
    Refrigerant R407C(1.5KG)
    Air flow 2000M3/H
    Air inlet parameter 100%
    Outlet pressure 20PA
    Cooling water flow 3M3/H
    Cooling water inlet pressure 0.12Mpa
    Cooling water inlet parameter 32
    Cooling water inlet/outlet diameter DN25
    Fan power 250w
    Compressor power 2.8KW
    Power supply AC 3PH 380V
    Dimension 800×440×1650mm
    Weight 200Kg

    When looking for marine AC power, make sure to consider the weight and size of the AC. You need an alternating current that does not take up much space. Your boat may be small, so consider looking for a small air conditioning unit that will help save space. 

    Consider how much noise does it produce

    Noise-Reduction-Guide-marine kitchen air conditioner
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    Portable air conditioners can be very noisy, and you should be aware of this. You need to make sure that you are looking for the least noisy unit, especially when you are in a small boat. Buying an AC with the slightest noise may be expensive, but it is worth it. 

    Choose energy-efficient marine air conditioners

    blue and green tomorrow
    Image credit blue and green tomorrow

    Chinese marine air conditioner suppliers also offer energy-saving ACs. It is what distinguishes them from ordinary marine air conditioner suppliers—purchase energy-efficient air conditioners for your boat. If you use fuel onboard to power air conditioners, be sure to look for energy-efficient air conditioners. However, Chinese marine air conditioner suppliers offer portable marine air conditioners that run on the wind, so you do not have to worry about energy efficiency. 

    Check if you have enough space

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    You must consider the space of your ship before looking for an AC. It is recommended to purchase an air conditioner suitable for your boat. Check the design of your ship before choosing an air conditioning unit.

    AC Capacity

    Kitchen room air conditioner Aeron
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    You should also consider the AC capacity of the unit you plan to purchase. You can start from the square footage of your cabin. However, this is just the beginning. It would help if you also considered the effects of weather and water temperature. Remember that boats are waterproof and generally not insulated. Plus, there are passive vents throughout the design to bring outside air into your living room. 

    If the climate is tropical, an evaporation unit is not necessary. The design and airflow only increase humidity, making the cabin more uncomfortable and sticky. Direct expansion systems or portable ACs offer better options to handle these situations. 

    If you have multiple cabs, you may need a second unit. Alternatively, you can install a plenum box or transition box to direct airflow where you want it, with additional ducts and louvres. It is a viable solution with direct expansion, chilled water and diversion systems. Alternatively, you can install a hatch mounting unit in each unit.


    Image credit Marine insight

    The location of the air conditioner is another important consideration. The most important thing to remember is that the backflow airflow must flow freely, and there are no obstacles in your path. Ideally, you can install it where it will not encroach on your living space. It ensures that you discharge the cooler air to the top of the headroom, helping you create a better flow of air and making it circulate better. 

    If you are using a portable air conditioner, please note that it will only cool the area in the direct discharge path. You might want to store these larger units in a corner. 

    Designing a Ventilation System That Works

    A properly designed ventilation system can provide sufficient air circulation throughout the boat without allowing waves, water spray or rain to enter the ship. Chinese marine AC suppliers recommend that your ventilation system provide at least one air change per hour. It means that preparations must be made to intake new air and discharge old air. Configure your system to provide “crossflow” of inlet and outlet ventilation as much as possible. If you only add one active fan, use it for the exhaust. 

    marine ventilation axial fan CZT 160
    marine ventilation axial fan CZT 160
    Marine axial fan
    Air flow(m3/h)
    Total pressure(Pa)
    Static pressure
    Power of motor
    Model of motor

    A typical length of 30 feet equals approximately 800 cubic feet. Unfortunately, this space is often divided into different cabins or compartments, restricting the free flow of air throughout the ship. Therefore, only install one pair of vents rated at 800 cubic feet. The airflow per hour may not be sufficient to complete all the ventilation work. Each cabin and bow should have some ventilation, especially if space can be isolated from the rest of the ship. Vents in shutter doors or sturdy doors help circulate air to lockers, arches, and other secluded areas. 

    In wet or bad weather, you should be able to close or remove the vents to prevent water from getting underneath. Vessels may require the use of vents that can be removed while it is utilized to keep the deck clear of potential obstacles.


    Having the proper marine air conditioning is essential for any boater. One of the many comforts you can enjoy at sea is getting a long night’s sleep under the air conditioning cooling to keep you comfortable. What if the system does not work correctly? The air in the cabin will become stale and smelly. Lack of adequate temperature and fresh air can cause health problems for people living on boats. The lack of sufficient and comfortable cooling in your room is only part of the deal, which is why it is recommended that you buy the best brand and type of marine air conditioner for your boat from marine AC suppliers from China. If you can buy the device from such suitable sellers, you will never regret purchasing the best marine AC unit.

    One of the best tips for choosing the best-selling marine air conditioners from China is to check the news and advertisements of your choice. Often reputable companies appear in the news and are mentioned in ads or news feeds by different media. Therefore, you should consider using the press to gather information about the positions of the company or the professionals you choose. 

    You can also search online! Visit  for a comprehensive list of marine devices that are worth the “buy”,  as well as the ongoing discounts and plans they are ready to offer for their products. Buying from the most reputable marine suppliers like Taizhu Hicool Trade is a great way to enjoy deals and affordable prices.

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