HA&FX&HGX&FK Series of Bock compressor

Bock compressor

HA&FX&HGX&FK Series of Bock

General A compressor can use a variety of standard refrigerants, such as R134a,R404a,R507,R407C,R22Suitable for air conditioning, general refrigeration, and cryogenic refrigeration applications. Maximum allowable operating pressure is28Bar。 energy-efficient rate
Optimized airflow Channels;
High-Efficiency repair valve;
Minimum residual gap volume;
Powerful energy-saving motor
a wide range of applications, no need to add cooling
Inhale Cooling compressor (HGType) to useR404a,R507can be used for cryogenic freezing
4, Reliable valve plate
World recognized valve plate Design, suction exhaust valve tablets are tongue type, single-sided solid
Valve sheet material for high-quality impact-resistant spring steel
Motor dimension
The compressor can be replaced on site
the economic and practical energy modulation
Mounting energy adjustment for the reserved interface on cylinder cover Attainable range of energy regulation:4Cylinder:50%;6Cylinder:33%/66%;
Using an external inverterEFC/EFCeStepless speed regulation can be achieved (25--70HZ)
the smallest installation space to
Very small mounting height and width
Mute and low vibration
Optimal dynamic Leveling
Large volume exhaust cavity for effective damping and lowering
19m ³/hThe displacement can be provided at the beginning4Cylinder machine
Parts model Product model Remark
HA3/235-4,AC380V 50Hz 3φ,R22 the bock compressor mainly are applied in below Series, CLD Series, CLN,CZLZ etc
HGX4/555-4S 380V 50HZ R404A  
HG3/190-4S,AC380V 50Hz 3φ
HA34P/215-4,AC380V 50Hz 3φ,R22
HA5/830-4,AC380V 50Hz 3φ,R22,
FX16/2051,AC380V 50Hz 3P,R404A