Blet driven type Auxilliary blower

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    Based on years of experience, the belt-driven type auxiliary blower series is developed and available in marine diesel engines.
    The auxiliary blower series are belt driven with two motors, with the characteristic of good operational reliability and long service life.
    The belt-driven type auxiliary blower series are covered MATN 35 MC(-C),42 MC(-C),46 MC(-C), and 50 MC (-C) series of marine diesel engines. Ine performances ( mass flow and pressure ) completely fulfill the requirement of the main engine above mentioned and the products are certificated by Classification Society.
    Please study the instructions carefully before using the equipment, it will help you to use the blower to its full capacity, and avoid costly mistakes.



    fig 1 jinchuan blower assembly
    fig 1 Jinchuan blower assembly
    • 1 impeller assembly
    • 2 mounting plate
    • 3 blower shaft assembly
    • 4 pulley cover
    • 5 blower belt pulley
    • 6 V-belt
    • 7 pulley belt shell
    • 8 electrical motor shaft gland
    • 9 electrical motor belt pulley
    • 10 electrical motor
    • 11 location part
    • 12 electrical motor mounting plate
    • 13 screw bolt
    • 14 blower casing

    The impeller has been carefully dynamic balanced in the factory and in general no maintenance is required.
    After the blower is left at rest for a long time or subjected to dismounting and assembly, carry out the following inspection.
    (1) Make sure that there is no foreign matter in the casing.
    (2)Examine if there is pieces of cloth or other things which may be easily sucked in, near the suction port.
    (3) Inspect the rotating parts for any contact with fixed parts.
    (4) Check the power source ( Voltage, Frequency ). Don’t supply different frequency power sources from the motor specifications.

    After starting the fan, carry out the following checks.
    (1) Check to make sure the direction of rotation is correct (This check is not necessary when no reassembling has been carried out).
    (2) Check for abnormal noise.
    (3) Check for abnormal vibration.
    if abnormal vibration occurs during operation, the impeller should be disassembled and inspected carefully, otherwise, it may result in bearing damage. In most cases, the abnormal vibration is caused by a deposit on the impeller, it may also be caused by other mechanical defects. A special tool for disassembly of the impeller should be used provided by the blower supplier.


    The blower is driven by the electric motor through a group of V-belts. The tension of the V-belts and their operating condition should be inspected after the first 5 operation hours. Adjust their installation status if needed.
    The tension and wear of the V-belts should be inspected every 1000 operation hours. Too loose of the V-belts may result in them wear fast and too tight of the V-belts may result in the short service life of the bearing.
    The replacement of the V-belts should be according to the requirement of the manual.lf any belt is worn out, all the belts should be replaced. Replace one or some belts of the same group is not permitted.
    The length deviation of the same group of V-belts should be within 5mm. The correct tension should be that the belt descends 8+1mm when a 1kg load on the middle of the V-belt.

    Bearing assembly

    The bearing assembly of the blower consists of bearings and seals. The bearing assembly includes a cast iron bearing block and 2 bearings. un in impeller SIde, there is a sealed ball bearing, unlike another bearing, thIs type or bearing need not be lubricated during operation. On the pulley side, there Is a rolling bearing, which Is lubricated
    with ZLT-2 grease-filled in grease cup on the bearing block. the grease cup should be filled every 1500 service hours (about 6g). The blower shaft and bearing should be dismantled and checked every 10000 service hours. If nothing is abnormal, clean and assemble them.
    The sealing is formed by 2 reinforced seal rings separated by a partition sleeve, which are suppressed in the sealing sleeve by sealing gland and lubricated with grease (ZLT-2 grease). The grease cup should be filled every 300 service hours (about 6g).

    • 1 reinforced seal ring
    • 2 partion sleeve
    • 3 sealing sleeve
    • 4 ball bearing
    • 5 blower shaft
    • 6 grease cup
    • 7 gland bolt
    • 8 bearing gland
    • 9 bearing sleeve
    • 10 rolling bearing
    • 11 bearing block
    • 12 sealing gland
    • 14 gland bolt
    • 13 gasket

    Electrical motor

    The maintenance of electrical motor should be according to Operation and maintenance of Electrical Motor.

    Troubleshooting chart

    When the blower is a fault, check it as follow:

    Troubleshooting chart

    Touble Possible casue What to do
    Impossible or difficult to start Mechanical restraint Inspect the impeller and related parts to locate the cause
    Impossible or difficult to start seizure of bearings replace with spare parts
    Impossible or difficult to start Touble of the motor “Check whether the motor winding or cable is disconnected
    Check whether the voltage is correct
    Check whether the starter is fault”
    Insufficient capacity or motor overload Dirt and other foreign matter attached to the impeller. Clean the impeller
    Insufficient capacity or motor overload Rotation reversed Correct the rotating direction
    Insufficient capacity or motor overload Air leakage Check the air duct connections etc
    Insufficient capacity or motor overload Impeller damage replace the impeller
    Insufficient capacity or motor overload Insufficient or excessive rotating speed Check the motor
    Abnormal vibration and noise Abnormal speed Check the motor
    Abnormal vibration and noise Foreign matter Remove the foreign matter
    Abnormal vibration and noise Loose installing bolts Tighten the blots
    Abnormal vibration and noise Bearing damage replace with spare parts
    Abnormal vibration and noise Shaft damage Contact the supplier

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