Best 10+ time-honored marine winch factories in the world(2023)

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    Marine winches are important equipment in ships. As a factor of consideration when choosing to buy winches for your vessels, you are advised to consider the various brand in the market. You need to compare the prices, qualities and features of various brands the market offers.



    MacGregor towing winches are designed for specific customer requirements to offer the best possible solution for a specified range of work.


    Kongsberg deck machiney winch windlass

    We offer an unrivaled range of deck machinery products and systems, from cost-effective winches for mooring and anchoring vessels to specialized winches and handling systems for offshore tugs, naval ships, and many other vessel types.

    Throughout, our focus is on safety and efficiency.


    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries winch

    MHI deck machinery enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation due to its proven performance, durability, and trouble-free, easy operation.
    MHI-MS has been delivering hydraulic deck machinery to satisfied customers for over half a century. We provide a wide range of highly reliable, durable, and high-performing windlasses, winches, and pumps, making marine transportation faster and safer.

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries marine winches

    We have offered the Hydraulic Deck Machinery, taking the next era in advance, such as the “Kawasaki Silent system, “achieving further low noise type Hydraulic Deck Machinery and “Advanced Series,” realizing low noise, in addition to responding to the needs of high pressure.




    Wartsila deck machinery factories

    Wärtsilä is a world leader in marine technology. With an extensive portfolio of innovative and integrated products and solutions, Wärtsilä delivers efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental sustainability to enhance its customers’ business. As our industry enters a new era of innovation and unprecedented efficiency, Wärtsilä is using high levels of connectivity and digitalization to bring value and optimization to all marine applications.

    Ingersoll Rand

    Built of rugged cast iron and steel construction, Ingersoll Rand winches are extraordinarily durable and reliable. They are ideal for work in harsh environments and trusted worldwide by offshore workers, miners, and heavy construction crews.


    Manufacturing of marine equipment is our main line of business.
    Our products are installed on numerous oceangoing ships navigating around the world.
    We boast an extensive track record of serving over 6,500 ships through the provision of the most reliable marine equipment and systems, thus making a name for ourselves worldwide in the maritime industry.
    The types of ships we cater to vary widely, ranging from sailing ships, passenger ships, and icebreakers for Antarctic research to various merchant ships and workboats.
    Recently, our machinery and systems were installed on ships associated with offshore development.


    Marine Equipments Pellegrini
    Marine Equipments Pellegrini

    Welcome to the website of MEP, Pellegrini Marine Equipments, a company internationally renowned for designing, manufacturing, and supplying its high-quality, high-performance hoist and deck equipment to worldwide markets. High experience and modern computerized systems permit MEP to become a major established supplier to the important offshore, cargo, and navy cranes markets. The most advanced techniques of design and the use of materials at high technological features connected by precise research of quality and respect of the most strict rules permits to M.E.P. to be designed in the future as an authentic qualified presence of “Made in Italy” in the range of hoisting equipment manufacturers.

    Huisman Equipment B.V

    Huisman towing winch

    We are Huisman. We design, manufacture, and service heavy construction equipment for the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy, oil, and gas, civil, naval and entertainment markets. Our products range from Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment and Winches to Vessel Designs and Specials.

    The history of Huisman is one of setting new industry standards. Of making an impact, since 1929. With step-changing technical solutions that vary from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems. From concept to installation and lifetime support.

    In these times of transition, our passionate workforce and worldwide production, service & sales facilities make us equipped for impact.

    Markey Machinery


    Markey Machinery is a world-renowned leader in marine and non-marine winch fabrication and servicing, based in Seattle, Washington. Our engineering and fabrication team designs custom marine winches and other specialty equipment that fits the needs of each vessel. Our winches and other products are known for their strength, reliability, durability, and engineering. Markey only uses the highest marine-grade material available to provide long-lasting products that are dependable and can hold up to the harshest ocean weather, rigorous use, and saltwater.

    DMT Marine Equipmen

    dmt deck machinery

    DMT Marine Equipment is one of the leading companies in the maritime sector, with a proven record of over 2700 vessels equipped so far and a promise to make no concessions on quality. We design and produce our products with high consideration towards our clients needs and specific requirements, as well as with a thorough understanding that the equipment we deliver must be fully reliable, highly performant and operative under all and any harsh sea conditions. We dedicate all our efforts into creating a legacy, a product that lasts a lifetime on which you can rely no matter what.
    During the past years we have developed constantly so that we can always provide the optimum solutions for all our clients. We design, produce and test all our equipment in-house. This gives us the privilege to constantly innovate and upgrade our products so that we can offer our clients the necessary means to deliver on their contracts and experience no downtime. To discover our production facilities continue visiting our website or click the button below.

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