AC transformer

1. The AC transformer can change the voltage of the AC power supply, mainly used for the control loop:
When the customer power supply only provides three-phase three-wire power supply (3 ~ 380VAC), the transformer must be used to provide control power.
When the control power is AC24V, such as lighting, water valve actuator, damper actuator, and other sensors.
Note: Cannot be used for main circuit drives, such as single-phase motors, compressor power supplies.
2. The transformer must be selected according to the load capacity. For example, one illuminator has a power of 40W, and three illuminators require a transformer with a capacity of 120W. Note that the transformer capacity is usually expressed in VA as apparent power, and for resistive loads, apparent power (VA) is equal to active power (W).


IDParts namesProduct ModelRemark
1CXB-200  220/24  
2CXB-200  415V/36V
3NDK-300  380/220
4CXB-800  400/220
5CXB-2500  380V/220V
6CXB-300  415/220
7CXB-400  400/220
8CXB-400  415/220
9CXB-630  380/220
10CXB-100  220/24
11CXB-1000 380/220
12CXB-200  220V/36V
13CXB-630 440/220
14CXB-400  440V/36V
15CXB-500  400/220
16CXB-250  440/220
17CXB-300  380/220
18CXB-300  440/220
19CXB-800  440/220
20CXB-500   440/220
21CXB-500   380/220
22CXB-100  380/220
23CXB-100  440/220
24CXB-1600  380V/220V
25CXB-1250   380V/230V
26CXB-50  220/24
27CXB-200   380V/230V
28CXB-250  380/220
29CXB-300  480V/220V
30CXB-800   380/220
31ABL1REM24062  220V/24VCD
32CXB-200  380/220
33JBK3-800   380/220V
34CXB-300  440/36
35CXB-1250  380V/220V
36CXB-200  440/220
37JSGD-10KVA  380V/380V
38CXB-400  380/220
39CXB-800  415/220
40QZB-55  440V 60Hz
41CXB-100  400V/220V
42150VA 220V/24V
43CXB-63  440/220
44CXB-1600  440V/220V
45CXB-100  440V/36V
46CXB-160  380/220
47CXB-50  440/220
48CXB-800   440V/230V
49CSD-7.5  380V/220V
50CXB-200  380/24V
51CXB-400  220/36
52CXB-500  440/230
53CXB-1600  400V/220V
54CXB-500  415V/220V
55CXB-400  440/220
56CXB-300  400V/220V
57CXB-400  380/36
58CXB-160 220V/24V
59CXB-250   220/36
60CXB-500  480V/220V
61CSD-7.5  480V/220V
62CXB-200  380/110
63CXB-630 400V/220V
64CXB-200  440/36