Temp.Pressure switch

KP pressure controller danfoss
KP pressure controller danfoss
Pressure Regulators | Danfoss controllers
are used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to avoid excessively low suction pressures and excessive exhaust pressures Mainly Include:KP15,KP5, P77AAA-9370, T7126A,KP2, KP1,MP54,D511/7D,YWK-50-C,FSD35T,QBM81-5, even ex-proof According to the temperature change of the working environment, physical deformation occurs inside the switch, which produces certain special effects, and generates a series of automatic control components for conduction or disconnection, or different principles of working conditions of the electronic components at different temperatures. The circuit provides temperature data for the circuit to collect temperature data.
ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 KP15  060-1264    
2 [tooltip hint=CLZM-5.5  ]WTZK-50-C,-25℃~0℃,L=5m[/tooltip]
3 [tooltip hint=CLZM-5.5  ]WTZK-50-C,-15℃~15℃,L=5m[/tooltip]
4 [tooltip hint=CLN-105*2 ]WTZK-50-C,-20℃~0℃[/tooltip]
5 [tooltip hint=CLZM-5.5 ]RT3,017-5016,-25℃~15℃,L=5m[/tooltip]
6 [tooltip hint=CLZM-5.5  ]RT14,-5℃~30℃,L=5m[/tooltip]
7 [tooltip hint=CJKR(F)-140 ]KP77,20℃~60℃,06L1122,Danfoss[/tooltip]
8 RT7,-25℃~15℃,L=2m,Danfoss
9 KP5  060-117 Manual
10 KP2  060-112
11 KP15  Danfoss
12 [tooltip hint=QUK25/29/30-Q 426]P6100-1310-000,WEST[/tooltip]
13 [tooltip hint=QUK22/26-L 426]P6100-3108-000,WEST[/tooltip]
14 [tooltip hint=QUK16/19-L 426]P6100-1300-000,WEST[/tooltip]
15 MP54  060B0167
16 [tooltip hint=CLN(B)-55 ]D511/7D  0841981[/tooltip]
17 [tooltip hint=CLN(B)-55 ]D511/7D  0841781[/tooltip]
18 [tooltip hint=CLN(B)-55 ]D520/7DD   0849680[/tooltip]
19 [tooltip hint=CLN(B)-55 ]D541/7T,0890880,ExdIIBT4[/tooltip]
20 YWK-50-C  0-0.5MPa
21 PXR4
23 [tooltip hint=CLS-81  ]SK-1[/tooltip]
24 [tooltip hint=ZKZ(S)-7.5 ]QFM81.2[/tooltip]
25 [tooltip hint=CJKR-175 ]KP79(50°C-100°C)[/tooltip]
26 P77AAA-9370*,Johnson
28 KP69  060L111266
29 [tooltip hint=CLN(F)-220 ]1766-L32BWA  A-B[/tooltip]
30 [tooltip hint=CJKR(B)-3.7]D511/7D  0841881[/tooltip]
31 [tooltip hint=CJKR(B)-3.7]D511/7D  0841381[/tooltip]
32 [tooltip hint=CJKR(B)-1.8]D511/7D  0841681[/tooltip]
33 T9275A
34 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-82  ]A36AHB-9103[/tooltip]
35 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-2.5]QFM3160[/tooltip]
36 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-2.5]RWX62.732[/tooltip]
37 KP5  060-117166 Automatic
38 [tooltip hint=BHL-4.8 ]WK-Ⅲ,60L1113,0℃~35℃,L=2m[/tooltip]
40 [tooltip hint= Swiber Offshore]EC3-X33,PCN807783,AC24V,,IP24[/tooltip]
41 IRMA3035
42 A36HB9103(10℃~95℃)
43 KP73,60L1118,-25℃~15℃
44 KP1  060-110166 Automatic
45 [tooltip hint=CJKR-151 ]A28A[/tooltip]
46 A19A  -5℃~35℃
47 FSD35T
48 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-5]KP71[/tooltip]
49 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-5 ]KP73[/tooltip]
50 [tooltip hint=CNF(D)-4  ]E5CZ[/tooltip]
51 [tooltip hint=CLD-10A]E5CS-X[/tooltip]
52 E5CZ,220V,-50℃~50℃,detector12m[/tooltip]
53 [tooltip hint=CJKR-105*2]PXW7[/tooltip]
54 [tooltip hint=DJRQ-125 ]HL2008[/tooltip]
55 RT7 -25℃~15℃,L=2m,Danfoss
56 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-6 ]PXR4    220V -50℃-50℃  detector12m[/tooltip]
57 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-3]PXW-4[/tooltip]
58 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-4 ]PXW-4,detector12m[/tooltip]
59 KP71,60L1113,-5℃~20℃,L=5m
60 LF20
61 QBM81-5  24V  50HZ
62 [tooltip hint=CFK(F)-8 ]D511/7D  0841581[/tooltip]
63 A36AGB-9103
64 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-11 ]T9275A,HONEYWELL[/tooltip]
65 [tooltip hint=CFK(F)-55E]MP55  060B017166[/tooltip]
66 EC3-X33
67 RWX62.5030(RLU232)
68 RWX62.7036(RLU236)
69 E5CZ-R2
70 ETC-100
71 ETC-200
72 [tooltip hint=CLN-200 ]P6M[/tooltip]
73 P77AAA-9320* Johnson
74 T7126A
75 CG220212DC12V
76 RLU232
77 T40  0℃~40℃
78 W43
79 SWPC103-01-12(23) -HL with pt100
80 [tooltip hint=KHK-37.2 ]KP15  060-1243 220V 50Hz Danfoss
81 [tooltip hint=ZBLK-930 ]KP71,60L1113,-5℃~20℃
82 [tooltip hint=TMU(W)-125 ]A36AGA-9103[/tooltip]
83 [tooltip hint=CJKR(F)-210]216-2BD23-OXB8    with RS485[/tooltip]
84 [tooltip hint=BHL-G10A (H2366)]MP54  060B0168[/tooltip]

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