Current transformer

current transformer cabinet
current transformer cabinet
open-type current transformer is mainly used in AC circuits with a rated voltage of 0.66kV and below and a rated frequency of 50Hz for current, electrical energy measurement or relay protection. This product is designed for customers to develop an open-close installation method, which saves a lot of time for users to install and repair. LMK6-0.66 series of open-close current transformers are still made of pure copper enameled wire; the wiring screws and gaskets are all made of copper, and the conductivity, tensile strength, and electrical loss rate of copper are better than aluminum.
ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 LMK1-0.5TH 100/5    
2 LMK1-0.5TH  300/5
3 LMK1-0.5TH  75/5
4 LMK1-0.5TH  150/5
5 [tooltip hint=CLN-175]BH-0.66CP 250/5[/tooltip]
6 [tooltip hint=CLN-175]BH-0.66CP 75/5[/tooltip]
7 LMK1-0.5TH  50/5
8 [tooltip hint=CJKR-105*2]LMK1-0.5TH 200/5[/tooltip]
9 LMK1-0.5TH  25/5
10 [tooltip hint=CJKR-230 MLBC31800-033]LMK1-0.5TH  400/5[/tooltip]
11 BH-0.66CP 150/5

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