LA38,LA39 button switches
LA38,LA39 button switches
Applicable in electromagnetic starter, contactor, relay and other electric circuits with AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), voltage 380 V and below, DC voltage 220V and below, DC voltage 220V and below as remote control;among them, the button with lamp(LED lighting) is also applied to the occasions that need a light signal to indicate. It has passed national CCC certification as well as EC CE certification and marine product type approval of CCS. [image src="https://www.hiqool.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/button.jpg" width="" height="" align="" stretch="0" border="0" margin_top="" margin_bottom="" link_image="" link="" target="" hover="" alt="button switches LA38 LA39" caption="" greyscale="" animate=""]

ID Parts names Product Model Remark
1 LA39    
2 LA39-11 green
3 LA39-11  red
4 [tooltip hint=CLN(F)-220 ]ZXF8030-B1(1lock button)[/tooltip]
5 XB2  red
6 XB2 green
7 LA38-22S/103
8 LA3811X/206  red
9 LA3811X/206 green
10 LA38-11MXS/10C
11 [tooltip hint=CZLZ-5 ]LA38-20/206A      [/tooltip]
12 LA39-A1-1D/g31
13 LA39-A1-1D/r31
14 [tooltip hint=CLD-10A ]EAO-11-272[/tooltip]
15 [tooltip hint=CLD-10A ]EAO-11-271[/tooltip]
16 [tooltip hint=TMU-220 ]LA39-A1-11Z/R,APT[/tooltip]
17 [tooltip hint=TMU-220 ]LA39-A1-11Z/R[/tooltip]
18 [tooltip hint=JTLS-72(III) ]LA38-22/203 red[/tooltip]
19 [tooltip hint=JTLS-72(III) ]LA38-22/203green[/tooltip]
20 [tooltip hint=JTLS-72(III) ]LA38-22s/203 red[/tooltip]
21 LA39-22TH red
22 LA39-22TH black
23 LA39-22TH green

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