Anchor capstan: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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    This post has all information you are finding of Anchor Capstan.

    Whether you want to study about the parts, function, testing outline, working principle, trouble

    in operation or tips to buying anchor capstan from China, you will find everything in this guide.

    Keep reading to know more about this mooring equipment.

    What is Anchor Capstan

    The Anchor Capstan could pay in and out the chain to control the anchor.

    Let a boat docking or mooring in pier or anchorage.

    anchor windlass capstan
    anchor windlass capstan

    How much does Anchor Capstan cost?

    Ok, you will pay between 8500.00 and 25000.00 USD Dollars for your anchor capstan.

     You could pick the many kinds of anchor capstan from different configure in price.

     Among the different configures of anchor capstan, we also have other quality ratings that affect the price.

     Namely, the better the quality of anchor capstans, the more money you will pay for them.

    What is the quality standard of our Anchor Capstan Winches?

    Anchor winches must strictly comply with the relevant quality standards.

     The following are the central quality norms or classification society norms to which the anchor winches will comply:

     CCS Classification Code for Steel Marine Ships

     CCS Code of Materials and Welding

     ISO4568-2006 “Shipbuilding – Sea-going vessels – Anchor lifters and anchor winches

     GB4447-2008 “Anchor Hoists and Anchor Winches for Marine Ships

     GB6918-2005 Manual Anchor Hoist and Anchor Winch







    How do you custom-made Anchor Capstan?

    Well, we often customize the anchor capstans according to the requirements of the clients.

     In this situation, you will supply the right information to allow us to customize the anchor capstan.

     Among the communication that we request is the design of the anchor you want.

     You send the information such as working load, speed, materials, and motor and reducer brand and others.

     With the information in our hands, you will get the first draft and function.

     For helping you save time, please answer the questions as below:

    What is the function of Anchor Capstan?

     You will use the anchor capstan for berthing and anchoring, and mooring operation.

     In berthing and mooring operation, anchor capstan will get the mooring lines winded in the capstan head from the ship to the anchorage or harbor.

     In anchoring operation, anchor capstan will pay out anchor chain to drop the anchor in berthing place.

     You will, therefore, have a proper device that helps you complete the appropriate operation.

    What are the components of Anchor Capstan

     An anchor winch consists of the following components:

     the clutch device, coupling flange, Capstan head, anchor chain wheel, belt brake, reducer, and motor.

    Brake Part

    38mm anchor capstan Brake Part
    38mm anchor capstan Brake Part

    The anchor chain wheel brake consists of a brake band, screw, worm gear reducer, and operating handwheel. When the brake is needed, the handwheel is turned clockwise, and the brake band is tightened by the worm gear and the screw, thus realizing the braking function. The opposite direction is to loosen the brake belt.

    Clutch Part

    38mm anchor capstan Clutch
    38mm anchor capstan Clutch

    Clutch part by the handwheel, screw, nut three parts, the nut and winch cover welded together, through the handwheel to turn the screw, to achieve the lifting of the winch through the nut, so that the winch part of the teeth embedded and anchor chain wheel on the teeth embedded to achieve clutch.


    38mm anchor capstan flange
    38mm anchor capstan flange

    The coupling flange part is mainly made of 20mm and 25mm thick steel plates. 20mm flange fixes the motor, and 25mm flange is welded to the ship deck. The anchor winch is set to the deck by 15 bolts of M20.


    38mm Anchor Capstan Motor
    38mm Anchor Capstan Motor

    The motor is a three-phase marine motor, flange mounted and equipped with a brake, explosion-proof grade BT4, edge insulation grade F, protection grade IP56. Its output shaft is directly compatible with the input end of the reducer.

    Reducer and axis

    38mm anchor capstan reducer and axis
    38mm anchor capstan reducer and axis

    Speed Reducer is a built-in planetary reducer purchased directly.

    Installation for the installation method is vertical upside-down, oil lubrication. The output flange is connected with the connecting plate, and the shaft output is matched with the anchor sprocket and the capstan hub, and the input end is matched with the motor

    Cable lifter

    38mm chain cable lifter
    38mm chain cable lifter

    The gypsy part is executed according to the standard CB/T3179-1996, and the anchor cable lifter is cast and processed by the material ZG310-570. Its hub part is matched with the output shaft part of the reducer device through the sliding bearing.

    the capstan head

    cast for capstan head
    cast for capstan head

    Solution 1 : The winch part is executed according to the standard CB/T3827-1998, welded by the material Q345B, and its hub part matched with the output shaft part of the reducer device through the key

    How does Anchor Capstan work?

     Through the cycloid reducer deceleration, Driven by the motor to the output shaft output to the head of the winch through the key and reducer output shaft coupling, motor rotation then winch rotation. Receiving and releasing the rope and anchor chain is achieved by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor output shaft to meet the customer’s needs for work.

    How does the Anchor capstan compare to the mooring capstan?

    From components, the anchor capstan has a particular part: anchor gypsy. Like as follow:

     The anchor capstan may be more expensive than mooring capstan with the same function and size from a price aspect.

     From the Anchoring system, Anchor capstan is your best favorite.

     From the mooring system, mooring capstan is your best choice.

    How do you maintain Anchor Capstan?

    Check frequently whether the anchor winch is deformed and cracked and whether the mounting bolts are loose. If so, eliminate them before use.

    If you need to stop using it for a long time, please cover it with a protective cover.

    Lubricant grade

    Lubricating oil refueling quantity about 4L~5L

    How do you disassemble and assembly the anchor capstan?

     Remove the clutch handwheel on the anchor winch.

     Remove the bolts on the upper cover plate of the winch and take off the upper cover plate.

     Remove the brake parts and chain release device on the anchor sprocket.

     Remove the winch and anchor sprocket in turn.

     Remove the bolts on the flange connecting the reducer and the ship’s plate, and remove the reducer and the motor from the ship’s deck together.

    The order of installation is opposite to the order of disassembly and removal.

    How do you operate anchor capstan?

    The winch should do the following checks before each work to correct it before work.

    Check whether the cable and anchor chain is worn Whether to replace them.

    Check whether each part of the connection bolt is loose, each oiling point oil is sufficient.

    Check if there are obstacles around.

    Second, the operation of the anchor winch.

    When the winch part is working, brake the anchor chain wheel, disengage the clutch, and then start the motor.

    Then start the motor. The winch part starts to work. When the motor stops, the brake is automatically applied by the brake on the motor.

    When the anchor sprocket part is working, the winch can not be wound with cable, close the clutch and release the manual brake. The anchor chain wheel starts to work, and when it stops, the brake on the motor automatically works, then the manual brake is tightened by the handwheel, and the clutch is released.

    The winch and anchor chain wheel should not work at the same time to avoid damage.

    Apart from anchor capstan, which other devices do you need?

    We offer many kinds of anchor capstan from 12.5mm to 56mm(until now 15th Jan 2020).

    Here are some of the products that you ought to consider buying alongside the anchor capstan:

    Chain stopper

    How do you increase the efficiency of the anchor capstan?

    It would be best if you looked good care the anchor capstan regularly to increase the efficiency of the anchor capstan.

    Here are a few tips you should pay close attention to to increase the productivity of the anchor capstan.

    Good record keeping

    You must maintain the right record keeping track where you record the performance of the anchor capstan.

    Based on the information, you will know the parts that reduce performance and make the necessary changes.

    Proper machine maintenance

    Please find “How do you maintain anchor capstan.”

    Replacing the broken parts

    You must also make sure that all the parts are working well with no problems.

    In that situation, you need to change any part that is damaged as it will be a source of machine malfunctions.

    Right operate anchor

    Please check FAQ”How do you operate anchor capstan.”

    What should you think when buying anchor capstans?

    Well, you must be very careful when you are buying the anchor capstan.

    You must check the right technical specification and make a decision based on application requirements.

    Safe working load, speed, overload, holding the load of an anchor capstan

    You could ask them to submit a calculation book to you with the specification.

    It is essential to match each parameter in the calculation.

    The material of housing and capstan and others

    Each part’s material could be tracked by steel factories produced.

    Equipment commissioning

    If you have enough capital, please ask the factory to issue the classification society certificate according to the relevant needs

    If you have limited funds, ask the classification society to do a third-party inspection

    If you have insufficient funds, please ask the factory to issue the test outline according to the classification society inspection standard and conduct the test according to the method.

    What are the benefits of our anchor capstans?

    You choose our anchor capstans for several reasons because of the great benefits it provides.

    Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy by using our transparency testers.

    Better safety and performance

    We often use electricity to power our robust anchor capstans, making the berthing or mooring process safer and more comfortable.

    Our sturdy construction pledge top performance under all harsh condition.

    Quality control and extensive guarantee

    We design, produce and test, and trade hundreds of marine capstans at our manufacturers.

    It helps us to supply customized marine capstan solutions.

    We provide a comprehensive guarantee on all our products and offer all your device’s service on the requirement.

    Reduces overall cost such as time and cash

    You will get your sketch and functions and specification and price and delivery time within 1-24 hours when you send your request.

    Compared to other trade companies and factories, we do what we are familiar with, and we are focus on marine winches and marine capstan for about 15 years. We only earn a little profit and help you set up a good relationship with your client and more and more order to us.

    Easier to operate and more comfortable to maintain

    High levels of durability

    Marine material

    marine motor

    marine reducer

    Marine welding certification

    Test it in our workshop before delivering.

    Boost your business with our high quality services

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